Hello and welcome to the City of Melba’s new website, and more importantly the City of Melba. Thank you for allowing me to serve the city as mayor.

            I am ready to face, along with the City Council, a very interesting and challenging time. Our community is experiencing some growth along with the rest of the valley. We are determined to meet this challenge by doing this correctly. We ask for your patience as we are a small municipality with limited resources. One of the very special things about this community is the people who live in it. A close knit community who comes together to celebrate and also to support other members when needed.

            Please let me or any council member know of any concerns you may have as we will address them. I am excited for what the future holds for our small town.

Go Mustangs!      

Mayor Cory Dickard



Melba is a small farming community, nestled in the Snake River Valley of Southwest Idaho. This town is surrounded by vast agricultural lands growing a diverse variety of crops which include potatoes, beans, sugar beets, onions, corn and grain. Known as The Seed Heart of America, Melba area farmers excel in growing seed crops for onions, carrots, peas, beans and sweet corn seed as well as alfalfa and clover.
We would like to extend a warm welcome to those thinking of purchasing a new home or just relocating out of the hectic life of the “asphalt jungles.” Although small, our community offers all the amenities that retirees or a growing family needs, such as community celebrations, great public K-12 schools, a grocery store, restaurants, several church denominations, QRU facilities, a local fire district, and our own medical and dental clinics. Major medical services and shopping malls are available 20 minutes away in nearby Nampa with excellent highway access.
This area is a sportsman’s dream come true, due to the close proximity of fishing in streams, rivers and mountain lakes, camping, boating, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, snow and water skiing, and other sport opportunities.